an announcement of sorts

Sometimes, all we need is the right motivation to make a decision; and Jenny’s shiny new website (seriously, go look at it. It’s beautiful) snapped me into Decision Mode – it’s time for a change around here. I’ve spent the last couple weeks figuring out what those changes ought to be, and now I can move forward with the changes. DON’T PANIC. It’s nothing huge; it’ll still be the same ol’ me, but hopefully you’ll see more of me. Here are some goals for the website’s remake:

  • Three posts a week. I may not stick to this every week, but 3x weekly is the goal here.
  • Each post will fall under one of three headings: writing, art, and etcetera. I’ll be talking more about the writing craft, I’ll be getting more serious (and hopefully more inspirational) with art, and anything else will be ‘etcetera.’
  • The title will change – it will no longer be Wishful Thinking, a blog; but, a website.
  • I’ll have a new contact email! This will be for business inquiries (i.e. art, writing) or if you want to drop by and say something more personal!
  • The look will change up a it – not much, I still prefer a clean and simplistic design, but if you notice some weird changes going on over the next week, never fear. It will settle down very soon.
  • Each post will include at least one original photograph (because things just look so much shinier that way). I didn’t bother taking one for this post because #time ahem.
  • The sketch giveaways are coming back! But instead of being a weekly giveaway, it will be a monthly giveaway (sometimes I’m too busy during the week to make a decent, non-work-related sketch) – so stay tuned!

I’m excited for these changes – it’s never a bad time to put your best foot forward (or in this case, your best website). I hope you stick around and enjoy the ‘new’ site as much as I do!


  1. Yay!
    I’m also glad you’ve decided to add images, because I have tried to pin so many of your posts in the past, but without an image Pinterest said no.


  2. I must make sure to get the new email address!!! Go, Mirriam! Light up the World Wide Web with your life. I will follow for the ride! And participate as much as I can!!


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